[NEWS] ‘Marry U’ #9 Oricon Chart

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The group’s special single “Marry U” was released Wednesday to rise to 9th place on Japan’s most prestigious Oricon daily single chart. Through their agent Super Junior members thanked their fans for supporting them and promised that they will do their best to measure up to the fans’ high expectations.

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Congratulations to the boys!! For those who don’t know, Oricon is a prestigious chart in Japan. It is also in Oricon that TVXQ ranked 1st and Big Bang, 3rd. I hope they continue to succeed in Japan.

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Yay!!! Chukhae..chukhae…^^


[PHOTOS + VIDEO] 081201 Samsung Campaign

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remember this noky brothers ???



So, finally! The mystery is no more! The NoKy Brothers HAHAHA Song is part of Samsung’s campaign for spreading encouragement – to share laughs & smiles – during these hard times. So its not a commercial, but a public msg campaign.^^
DBSK so the HAHAHA song too ^^ So dorky…kkkk

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HaHaHa4U Samsung Campaign Website

[NEWS] DBSK: What They Got Through ‘Mirotic’?, “We’re Happy That We Gained More Male Fans” + TVXQ’s Song Banned from Korea

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“We’re happy that we gained more male fans”

Popular group DBSK chose that they gained male fans as the thing that changed the most during their 4th album activities.

DBSK, who was invited as a guest to the 29th Blue Dragon Movie Awards that opened on the 20th at KBS Hall, met with a reporter and talked about things like their opinions on their come-back activities and their future plans.

DBSK’s U-know YunHo, Xiah JunSu, and ChoiKang ChangMin all chose “male fans have increased to the point it stands out” as what changed the most from their last group activities.

Xiah JunSu said “Before, when we met guys they didn’t seem very interested besides those in their 10s, but lately I’m surprised that even when we meet men in their 20s or 30s they tell us ‘I really like Mirotic – Jumun’. ChoiKang ChangMin also chimed in that “I was surprised when the hyung-deul who went to serve in the army said ‘DBSK’s song is super popular here’”.

The members of DBSK chose the reason for their album’s popularity as the fact that from their preexisting core fans, the fans [kinda like types etc] have expanded. Their 4th album ‘Mirotic’ breaks away from the typical SMP (SM Music Performance) music and seasons a more European refined style.

U-Know YunHo analyzed that “This album took off the weight of lyrics like ‘O JungBanHap’s and chose lots of easy lyrics like ‘You fall for me~’, but it seems that it became the main factor that secured more music fans than just familiar ones”.

U-Know YunHo said that “First I worried that it might be a bit too heavy” “but I believed in our confidence. I thought that in order for others to like it, we have to like it first. So we made an album that was kinda different from SMP, but the response was good so I am only thankful”.

source: minsarang
credit: SPN Article
translated by: annneonet@LJ

Mirotic Among Others Deemed Inappropriate For Youths

After judging that Rain’s Rainism was harmful and detrimental to youths last week, the Commission of Youth Protection has acted again by labelling DBSK’s Mirotic, Solbi’s Do It Do It, etc in the same category as Rainism. This has created an uproar once again in Korea which takes effect this week.

According to sources, the Commission of Youth Protection usually examines around 100 songs every month to see if they are harmful or detrimental to youths in Korea. But this is the first time that their scope is targeted specifically towards popular mainstream singers in Korea right now. In the last month, among the 110 songs that they have examined, 32 of them were Korean songs which was a new record in recent years. The reason for banning Mirotic was the same as Rainism in that part of the lyrics were inappropriate.

The ruling will come into effect from 4th December with the song being banned from playing on tv or radio before 10pm. The Mirotic album will have stickers affixed to them that indicates “unsuitable for people under 19 years old”. The song lyrics will have to be modified if they are going to perform this during concerts or events. Action will be taken if any of the above are flouted.

Although affected singers and their companies have expressed that they will adhere to the ruling, they can’t fathom the reasoning behind the ban.

Industry critics feel that this will only heap more misery on the already suffering music industry. And one wonders if the “19-only” stickers restricting the sale of affected albums will actually have any effect. DBSK for example are already done with promoting Mirotic and are actually in the midst of promoting their follow-up song Wrong Number. With album sales already exceeding 300,000, it also means that most of their fans have already gotten the album already.

A Disney-friendly Korean music industry in future? Hope not.

source: coolsmurf
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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kangin Rushed to the Hospital

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Super Junior’s Kang In Rushed to the Hospital Due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Monday December 1, 2008 Korea
Perhaps Super Junior are in a rush to finish their 3rd album, extreme dance practices, lacking of enough sleep, promotional activities of his movie, Kang In was rushed to the hospital early this morning due to a chronic fatigue syndrome.

According to the doctors, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients are often suffering from depression, digestive disturbances, hypersensitivity, muscle weakness, poor immune response, and sometimes cardiac problems may occur.

Doctors adviced Kang In to rather stay at home and refrain from drinking alcohol, have early meals, and full rest. Super Junior M are so much affected due to their friend’s condition. ELF immediately responded on their idol’s condition and is causing another protest.

source: empas.com
translation: weekdaypress
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It’s only rumors!!!

DBSK’s Xiah Junsu Wants to be Suju-KRY’s Member

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After 2 members of Super Junior Kyu Hyun and Ryeo Wook contributed on TVXQ’s Mirotic album song “Wish” with Choi Kang Chang Min and Xiah Jun Su, Xiah Jun Su somewhat showed an interest to be a part of Super Junior’s sub-unit by dealing it as a joke. “KRY of Super Junior really got the pitch that I personally adore. TVXQ has five members so there is no chance to form a sub-unit. I want to be a part of KRY not SJ-Happy with Eun Hyuk.”

TVXQ members are confident and grateful for Kyu Hyun and Ryeo Wook’s contribution to their album and a sure support from Cassiopeia plus ELF.

TVXQ wishes Super Junior’s 3rd album to release soon which is currently being polished.

credit: leejihoon+empas.com+outdoorblues@asianfanatics.net+EverLastingFriends

“I want to be a part of KRY not SJ-Happy with Eun Hyuk.”
Hahaha…it’s really funny ^^

[NEWS] Super Junior 3rd Album part 3

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Super Junior’s 3rd album is told to release after their Super Show Encore on January 03 and 04, 2009. According to Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk, their album will include 2 English classic love songs “Ocean Deep” originated by Cliff Richard and “Mandy” originated by Barry Manilow in Korean version.

Lee Teuk gave a little sample of the song but never sang it in Korean to crave the fans of what the English hit songs would sound in Korean. “I like the part of the song “Ocean Deep” because I used to call myself “angel” and I am the one playing the piano of this. Here is the best lyrics I memorized…

“I wanna spread my wings
But I just can’t fly
As a string of pearl sapphire blue balloons
The pretty ELF go sailing by


Ocean deep, will I ever find a lover
Maybe she has found another
And as I cry myself to sleep
I know this love of mine I’ll keep, ocean deep.”

credit: Super Junior Kiss the Radio+ outdoorblues@asianfanatics.net + EverLastingFriends

“I personally very happy that they chosen Ocean Deep as one of their song because it is one of my favorite song and a new song for ELF. Honestly, I’ve never heard of the original Ocean Deep song because I heard the revised version of the song sung by the famous filipina singer. If you’re from the Philippines, you guys know know who it is right?? Above of all, I’m really excited about this 3rd album and I happy Leeteuk gave us some news about the 3rd album. I’m starting to save up to buy the ablum”.

[AUDIO] Stage of Youth OST ~ Dream of Youth

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