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Leave us message or comment about this blog too here. We’ll be very happy if you want to do it.

Thank you very much!!!


5 Responses to “GUEST BOOK”

  1. hi gorgeous18
    im Rainy and i really like your blog and how you always entry the news from suju and dbsk ^^

    erm well, if you have no problems with it, could i post your entry into our suju forum?
    ehm this is our forum for all suju and sujuM fans for all fan over the world.

    maybe you can help us as a moderator of the DBSK topic, becuz we are still searching moderators and its becuz this forum is still new x.x”….
    but i dont want to put u under stress becuz u always update your blog with news O.O

    oki… i dun wanna bother you anymore^^
    have a nice day/night.

    bye Rainy.

    PS: if you agree to let me post those things from your blog into the forum
    im really grateful or you will be one of the moderators.

    …i think i wrote to much again =.= mianhae

  2. Hello my name is Astrid and i come from Indonesia. I really really love the Gorgeus 18 + Shinee. I love your blog 🙂

  3. @ Astrid

    Thanks for signing our guestbook. We’re happy you like our blog. Keep watching at this blog and help us to promote this blog to your friends and other Dongbang Suju lovers ^^


  4. i love this blog
    thx very much

  5. hii…
    i luv ur blog but..
    in the super junior members do you like most poll..
    there is no sung min…T.T
    im really upset becoz i love sungmin most…
    i hope u can change or do something with that..

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