[VIDEO] DBSK’s Rising Sun Copied by Vietnamese Band (535)

I was like WTFH!!!! Why they must copied this great song??? Did they get SM’s permission ?? OMG!!! It’s really bad T.T They even put Changmin’s screaming voice in it *sigh*

According to guopincao (YT uploader) :

OKIE, i read an article about the talk between the reporter and tri phong…
basically, he said that dbsk is their idol and they want to challenge themselves if they could do this famous song that is well-known all over asia and other countries also…he said that rite now he haven’t bought the copyright for this song yet but he wanted to.
*but through wat he said, i don’t think his answers are trustable. he kept on repeating that he’s also a dbsk fan and stuff…and he didn’t buy copy right for it and use it already. If he is truly a fan, he should respect them and buy the copyright before they do this….
i’m not very happy with his answers and i think that he’s not being very honest about it…but i’m asking u guys if u still want this video up here or not. majority will win of course, and i will ask the others who uploaded this video to put it off as well if u guys are willing to let it go…(i’m not very happy with it though) but yea….


~ by gorgeous18 on December 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “[VIDEO] DBSK’s Rising Sun Copied by Vietnamese Band (535)”

  1. eeeew,,,
    how could they steal dbsk song?!!
    who the heck are they anyway?
    are they famous in vietnam?

    uugh,,this ruined my day!
    how did u find out about this?? juz curious ;]

  2. omg i cant believe this..

  3. @ dildul

    ohh..i just do a random search on youtube..hehe

  4. omg, did they lip sync all the high parts? like the part where changmin ends the bridge with his long high note?

    i dont like copycats


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