[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kangin Rushed to the Hospital

Super Junior’s Kang In Rushed to the Hospital Due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Monday December 1, 2008 Korea
Perhaps Super Junior are in a rush to finish their 3rd album, extreme dance practices, lacking of enough sleep, promotional activities of his movie, Kang In was rushed to the hospital early this morning due to a chronic fatigue syndrome.

According to the doctors, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients are often suffering from depression, digestive disturbances, hypersensitivity, muscle weakness, poor immune response, and sometimes cardiac problems may occur.

Doctors adviced Kang In to rather stay at home and refrain from drinking alcohol, have early meals, and full rest. Super Junior M are so much affected due to their friend’s condition. ELF immediately responded on their idol’s condition and is causing another protest.

source: empas.com
translation: weekdaypress
cr. Cindymya

It’s only rumors!!!


~ by gorgeous18 on December 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kangin Rushed to the Hospital”

  1. so worry about him. hope he’ll get SOON~

  2. get well soon…
    and remember… alcohol is bad for your health…
    take care of yourself oppa…

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