[NEWS] Super Junior 3rd Album part 3

Super Junior’s 3rd album is told to release after their Super Show Encore on January 03 and 04, 2009. According to Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk, their album will include 2 English classic love songs “Ocean Deep” originated by Cliff Richard and “Mandy” originated by Barry Manilow in Korean version.

Lee Teuk gave a little sample of the song but never sang it in Korean to crave the fans of what the English hit songs would sound in Korean. “I like the part of the song “Ocean Deep” because I used to call myself “angel” and I am the one playing the piano of this. Here is the best lyrics I memorized…

“I wanna spread my wings
But I just can’t fly
As a string of pearl sapphire blue balloons
The pretty ELF go sailing by


Ocean deep, will I ever find a lover
Maybe she has found another
And as I cry myself to sleep
I know this love of mine I’ll keep, ocean deep.”

credit: Super Junior Kiss the Radio+ outdoorblues@asianfanatics.net + EverLastingFriends

“I personally very happy that they chosen Ocean Deep as one of their song because it is one of my favorite song and a new song for ELF. Honestly, I’ve never heard of the original Ocean Deep song because I heard the revised version of the song sung by the famous filipina singer. If you’re from the Philippines, you guys know know who it is right?? Above of all, I’m really excited about this 3rd album and I happy Leeteuk gave us some news about the 3rd album. I’m starting to save up to buy the ablum”.

~ by gorgeous18 on November 30, 2008.

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