[NEWS] Idol Groups Disrespect Moon Hee Jun

It seems like the drama of this year’s MKMF absolutely refuses to disappear. Netizens are buzzing about the various idol groups’ reactions when Moon Hee Jun received the MKMF 10th anniversary commemorative award on behalf of the ancestor of boy bands, H.O.T.

Fancams of Moon Hee Jun’s acceptance of the award surfaced on the internet recently. The video showed that none of the idol groups stood up other than the elder statesman of the new generation of artists, DBSK. The rest of the idol groups just clapped nonchalantly in their seats. Netizens are angry at the disrespect shown to Moon Hee Jun, because it is an established fact that without H.O.T., these idol groups wouldn’t be anywhere near where they are today.

Netizens are split into two camps on this issue, some are saying that idol singers have grown increasingly impolite, that in any other fields people would not dare to be so disrespectful to a sunbae (senior) of 13 years. While others seem to think that the reactions are a bit too intense, and that the idol groups certainly respect their sunbaes, that they just don’t show it properly.

What a shame! I feel that this is quite inexcusable, I mean even in Hollywood, when someone like Harrison Ford goes up to the stage, the whole audience stand up. If they can show that much respect in the U.S., they certainly should in Korea. It’s not the first time that someone suggested that proper etiquette is disappearing in the KPOP world, does this prove that they’re right?

credits: http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/news_rumo…t_moon_hee_jun/

Wuaaaa…I’m so proud of DBSK!!!!


~ by gorgeous18 on November 25, 2008.

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