Kyuhyun + Ryeowook + Donghae CY Update + Kyuhyun Fan Cafe Message

Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.11.19

I’m very thankful to everyone.
(We’ve) Received lots of love not in Korea but in China, being able to receive such a huge award.If there wasn’t Super Junior’s members,staff and ELF, it wouldn’t have been possible .Thank you!^^

Minihompy Title

Members,ELF I love you all^^

Credits: OnlySJ13,ilovejr
Original Source: 김향숙

Kyuhyun’s CY Entry 08.11.18

Kyuhyun’s Fancafe Message 08.11.16

Ryeowook’s China Cyworld Entry 2008.11.19 23:43

ni hao~!!~!~!~!~!/Hello~!!~!~!~!~!

Date: 2008-11-18
Mood: Weather:

Annyeong~~ I am Ryeowook^^

We will see you all here tomorrow~~~

Please give us Super Junior M lots and lots of love^^

We will come often to leave messages ^^ I love you all~!~!~!~!~! 쪽 Jjok

Original Source; 厉旭的小窝
cr. ilovejr

ni hao ^^wo shi dong hae/Hello^^ I am Donghae

Date: 2008-11-18
Mood: Weather:

Hi everyone, I am Donghae^^

Recently it’s very cold^^

Because of you all . We were able to receive the award, thus, (we are) very happy ^^

Thank you everyone^^

You all are my everything ^^

Please be careful not to catch a cold!!!!! ok??^^

I love you all!!!!

Original Source; 东海的小窝


~ by gorgeous18 on November 20, 2008.

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