[INFO] Super Junior’s Third Album Come Back In 2009 Part 2

Questions have been hovering for quite sometime now will soon be laid to rest hopefully. Will Super Junior release their third album early next year?

ELF predict a huge comeback blast of Super Junior early next year which will surely jolt us of passivity.

In a recent Super Junior Day, Lee Teuk said “We won’t settle for a safe answer but we will work some more for the third album.” Some fans asked the boys to give them an idea of what sort of album would it be like. Lee Teuk hesitates to reply but eventually gives in “Oh it’s going to be Global Su Ju.” (laughs). “I think it’s being realistic because all of us are on a subgroup around Asia and we also have been participating in US activities like Hollywood Bowl.”

Describing it as a collaborative work, Lee Teuk will miss browsing through his personal blog on Cyworld and checking the often messages in his inbox. “I have been receiving messages about our third album.” he says.

The countdown begins. The final month of this year 2008 may well be ELF’s last few moments to long for the 13 members together and cheer up on the coming year.

The workaholic boys of Super Junior find themselves caught between a subgroup schedules and making their third album which for them is more challenging as they are getting more inspired by the number of fans waiting for them.

Source: jpopasia

CR: xaosmx + EverLastingFriends


~ by gorgeous18 on November 20, 2008.

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