[NEWS+PHOTOS] SMTOWN Live’08 in Bangkok (08.11.28) Update

Meet all 5 Gods of the east TVXQ!, all of The Grace, all of SJ-H, Kim Heechul, all of Girls’ Generation, and all of SHINee (SJ-M and Zhang Ri Yin won’t fly in on time… they’ll arrive in the evening and would probably go straight for rehearsal)

…. hmm.. either the poster forgot that one name TT____TT.. or.. it’s just not sure that Kibum will come or not.  Many people commented and ask for confirmation on Kibum but I didn’t see any response yet.  One commented that they should all “trust in Kibum” that even if he couldn’t come.. it is HIM who’d feel really sorry, not just the fans.  Let’s cross fingers so that all 13 will be there! (not to exclude Henry and Zhoumi of course ♥)

Some questioned on this…. will the Press Conference hold all SM members as mentioned?  That’s like 5 TVXQ + 4 Grace + 7 SJ + 9 SNSD + 5 SHINee = 30 people on Press Conference?  LOL.. That’s impressive!!  Fanclubs from all groups plan to be there.. so the place would be so crowded!!

Anyhow, the poster also mentioned something about removing the previous post… which was the Complete Performance List… I’m not sure what argument they had that made them remove it.. She said they’re still negotiating with SM.  I managed to find it but would rather not post it here since it’s not confirmed.

Lastly, I’m very impressed with how Thai fans help organize the event (no bias here ^^ really)  I must admit that I didn’t expect to be there because of the ticket price -_____-” so I haven’t been following up on the news AT ALL….  BUT as I was checking the available tickets today, on the official page, there’s one link that explains how you could join the lighting project (for all fanclubs)… both in Thai and English.. the message also welcomes foreigners to participate!!  Since the event is in two weeks already, the project is closed for application though… but hey.. i can really feel how united and welcoming it is.. and that i’ve never seen it happen in any other overseas concert!  I’m already considering buying the ticket 🙂  Anyone from nearby countries want to join me?  i don’t have anyone to go with yet!  hehe..   ^o^

News source: Casper [http://www.smtowninbangkok.com]

Here’s some photos of the venue.  This was taken while the technical team recently came to plan the concert, stages, lighting, etc.

^ sneakpeak

**All pictures taken from the official site**

taken from EverLastingFriends (thanks 4 the info ^^)


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