[PHOTOS] Hangeng’s Drama Update + Sukira Update

Hangeng’s Drama Update

Hangeng is really cool!!!!! One of the most handsome Chinese ^^ yeah!!!!! hahahaha….

Stage of Youth Theme Song Release Han Geng cuts (Hangeng looks very hot!!)

and here’s a preview of the theme song:



JunEunHae <3:

Last night was the best Sukira night EVER ! All throughout the show, Hyukjae kept posing and getting up from his seat so that fans could capture his poses so we were joking about what a tease he was being. Then, at one point he went to the washroom so Teukkie was by himself and a fan sent a message saying that she saw them during Bora and they are so short or something. So they turned on the mike for the fans outside and Teukkie asked something like “I’m not short right?” but then all the fans were like “You are”. The PDs and writers were so happy they were clapping and giving thumbs up to the fans

Then Teukkie was like “what’s taking EunHyuk so long” and started playing a song. I was standing on the back bench and noticed two guys walking towards the fans from our side. It was Hyukjae and the manager!!! My friend had gone to the bathroom and only the girls standing on the bench in front of me and I had noticed so I was like.. “Oh my god! Hyukjae!!” He was just grinning cheekily and came right up to us and started asking everyone for “an earring” in Korean. I was just watching dumbstruck cos he was standing right next to me… and then I heard him say, “there’s no one here who has an earring?” and from some untapped source of courage, I finally asked him “earring?” and pointed to mine. He was like “neh” and held out his hand and probably said something like “Can I please borrow it!” Right then another girl ran up with an earring but the manager (my knight in shining armour ) held his arm up and moved her back and told me to give Hyukjae my earring. Shaking hands and all I managed to pull it off and handed it to him. He smiled and bowed saying thank you and then in Korean, “We’ll return it after the show” (i think) and then looked at me with raised eyebrows to see if I understood. I just made an X with my hand and tried to reply in my fail Korean, that it is ok. You can have it..

Then they bowed and half jogged back to the studio. Luckily my friend was coming back from the washroom at the sametime so she met him right at the door and was able to hold it open for him It was more than both of us had ever dreamed of!!! I had just been content with the random times they stop to wave and accept gifts from the car and seeing them at the fanmeeting… but last night was just ❤ to the maxx.

After he went back in, Hyukjae was telling Teukkie that he got an earring from a “foreigner” and Teukkie was like.. “it looks like the Eiffel Tower..From France? Bonjour!”…but I was too spazzed out to hear/see/think properly so I will forever be grateful to anyone who can direct me towards last night’s Sukira bora episode!!! pretty please!

They stuck around in the waiting room for a little while hugging and saying goodbye to the two PDs..i think they’re changing PDs so it was cute to see the boys being all lovey:)

After the show, they brought the Suju van and parked it outside the parking lot so once again Teukkie walked all the way outside the parking lot, in front of the fans and into the car and said “Bye” in that adorable uncertain sing-song tone that only he can and once again lit up his cell phone so that fans could see him waving from the car. Hyukkie slowed down, turned his lights on, waved and bowed too<3 It was only then that I properly breathed^^

What a lucky girl ^^ I hope someday I’ll experienced this too..(hope my dream comes true)

cr. JunEunHae<3 + 16candl3s


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  1. what a lucky person u r.i was daydreaming 2 have such a lucky day like u

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