OMG!!!! My GOMtv is super duper laggy……i hate this so much!!!!!

and I’m surprised why DBSK didn’t win Best dance award (MIROTIC dance is so ‘CRAZY’ and killing me)
last year they lost to SS501’s Snow they lost to Hyori’s U-Go-Girl T.T

But…calm down Cassie…they already get 3 awards…and the others just 1…Come on!!! DBSK rockz!!!
I’m a little bit sad and dissapointed why Super Junior have sub-group with so many activities this year. They must get many awards if they’re not busy with the sub-groups T.T

another DBSK’s 3rd award caps (Yoochun are so cute ^^ He smiles at the main camera)

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~ by gorgeous18 on November 15, 2008.

One Response to “BREAKING NEWS 3”

  1. oh no! how cud they lose to u-go-girl??? mirotic’s dance is crazy awesome!!!! oh well, at least they’ve got 3 ^^

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