Kyuhyun + Yesung + Donghae + Siwon UFO Replies


Fan : Oppa, I want to be kissed !!
Yesung : You can do that with your boyfriend

Fan : Oppa, I have a bellyache
Yesung : Go to a WC

Fan : Oppa, I miss you so much, oppa miss me too ?
Yesung : But I dont know you

Fan : Oppa, who am I ?
Yesung : Human

Fan : Where is here ?
Yesung : Earth

Fan : Our babies…
Yesung : How old are you…babies ?

Fan : SJ is 1 Leeteuk 2 HeeChul 3 Yesung…..13 KyuHyun, so who is 14th member ?
Yesung : Ghost (and all the people left comments complained that they all wanted Yesung to answered it’s ELF but instead, he wrote “ghost”)


Fan : DongHae oppa, what are you doing ? Play game with me
Shiwon : DongHae is not here
Kyu : Let’s play game with me

Fan : Sungmin oppa, whenever I think about you I cant concentrate on studying
Kyu : Whenever Sungmin hyung thinks about me, he cant concentrate on doing anything either

Fan : Oppa, I wont go to bed until you reply to me
Kyu : You can sleep now ^^

Fan : Oppa, should I choose EunTeuk or KangTeuk ?
Kyu : KyuTeuk

Fan : DongHae oppa, can I think about you ?
Kyu : No, think about me

Fan : I love you baby (in Konglish)
Kyu : I love you so much baby (in Konglish)

Fan : What do you live for ? I live because of you
Hae : Like Hyukjae can live because he eats banana ?
Won : I do too…I cant live without ELF

Fan : I love you, honey
Hae : I love you, honey

Fan : Oppa is cool, very cool !
Hae : Me ?

credit : Onsaemiro fancafe
translated by evanesco@soompi


~ by gorgeous18 on November 14, 2008.

6 Responses to “Kyuhyun + Yesung + Donghae + Siwon UFO Replies”

  1. aw!! i love kyuhyun~
    yesungie oppa teases his fans! keke

  2. Yesung is so funny! Kyuhyun is so sweet!
    And donghae, he said hyukjae can live because he eats banana.
    HAHA! Thanks for sharing!

  3. kyu hyun oppa is so naughty ^0^

  4. waw…i love kyuhae (kyuhyun n donghae)
    how i can talk to them like on above?

    i will so happy if i can do that?
    please…talk to me how i can do it.

  5. hagagaga…i’m so lovin kyu witty replies.. So funny! Gyahaha…
    Okay oppa i’ll think about you! ^^

  6. Donghae oppa,you are very cute…
    I like you very much…

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