[TRANS] Yunho Revealation on YSMM + Changmin UFO Replies + 5th Korean Entertainment Award Ceremony

U-know Yunho:”After Becoming A Celebrity, The First Celebrity To Talk To Me Was Junjin.”

On the 10th, Yunho revealed on SBS’s “Yashimmanman” while thinking about the past , saying “When I was Dana’s rapper, the first celebrity who talked to me was Junjin hyung. Junjin hyung held my hand and said to me ‘I believe in you, just do as you usually do. I believe you’ll have no problem.’ Then Junjin said, ‘I was lie you once, dancing was my all. But God gave me a chance, and let me become a celebrity. I just want to let someone else get the same chance as me.’

trans: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (http://iscreamshinki.net)


Changmin UFO Replies 08.11.11

Fan: TVXQ, I love you forever.
Changmin: During that forever, we will work hard! ^^

Fan: Oppa…Tomorrow I’ll have to go to school…it’s so hard~ I don’t want to go. What to do?
Changmin: Work hard! ^^;;

Fan: Junsu goon, dieting is so hard! I can’t do it anymore! Give me some encouragement~
Changmin: I’ll give you encouragement, isn’t that okay?

Fan: Oppa~ We’re having a sports event right now~ But it’s so boring….
Changmin: Participate well in the sports event~~

Fan: I wish for TVXQ’s album to sell well and for TVXQ to be healthy!
Changmin: ^^ Thank you~ ^^ Be careful of catching a cold! ^^


trans: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (http://iscreamshinki.net)
souce: Mr.TVXQ + UFOTown


5th Korean Entertainment Award Ceremony

Hello, I am SM Fanclub’s representative.
1. Cassiopeia members + Mirotic CD owners
2. Cassiopeia members + non-Mirotic CD owners
3. Mirotic CD owners
4. Non-Cassiopeia members + non-Mirotic CD owners

1. SNSD 1st Album (Repackage)- Baby Baby CD owners
2. Non-CD owners

1. SHINee 1st Album Repackage- Amigo CD owners
2. Non-CD owners

TVXQ’s fans = 150 seats
SNSD’s fans = 70 seats
SHINee’s fans = 80 seats

trans: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (http://iscreamshinki.net)
source: Mr.TVXQ + U-Know允浩房

credit: zhuuzhuusoba @ soompi


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