SJ’s LIVE schedule for November 12 (수) Wednesday

PM 06:00 [Event] 15th Annual Korean Entertainment Arts Award: Super Junior, Special Award (Sungnam Art Center Opera House)
There are a limited number of seats for SuJu fans and they will allow in this order:
① E.L.F. 1st wave fan club membership + SuperJunior-Happy CD repackage
② E.L.F. 1st wave fan club membership + SuperJunior-Happy CD original
③ SuperJunior-Happy CD repackage
④ non-members + SuperJunior-Happy CD original

PM 07:30 [Radio] 2008 MBC FM4U DJ Concert ‘Us’: Kangin (Jangchoong Gymnasium)
You had to request tickets through their homepage by writing a message saying “우리 디제이 000는 000해요 (Our DJ ____ is/does _____).” So in other words, if you don’t have tickets already, you are out of luck.

PM 08:00 [Musical] Xanadu: Role of Sonny, Heechul (Dusan Art Centre, Yeonkang Hall)
I’m not sure if tickets are still available, but if they are, tickets can be purchased through Interpark. For more info, click here. For international fans, just call Korea Travel Phone (+82-2-1330). The staff will help make reservations for “Xanadu.”

Ticket Price: VIP 99,000won / R석 88,000won / S석 66,000won / Fanadu(on stage) 44,000won

PM 10:00 [Radio] KBS2FM Super Junior Kiss the Radio: DJ Leeteuk, Eunhyuk (Bora)
You can wait outside their Open Studio at KBS building to see Eeteuk and Euhyunk while they broadcast.

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