[NEWS+PHOTOS] Kangin and Chae Jung-an Kissed For 10 Hours


Yep. Can you imagine kissing someone for that long?


And it doesn’t help if you have eaten “Hong-o” (a fermented raw skate with a particularly strong odor), like Kang In did that night (The man admitted it to the media). The recipient of the kiss was his unrequited love, played by Chae Jung-an in the movie, “Pure Comics” (순정만화). Both spent 10 hours filming the scene to perfection. But why would you want to do that? Kissing until your lips fall off is not my idea of fun. There are more productive things to do such as run 2 marathons (3 if you are fast), blog all day, fly on an airplane to the Americas….anything but kiss.

We think that maybe the reason why the kissing scene was extended to 10 hours was because Kang In is still wet behind the ears. The Super Junior member is 7 years younger than the more experienced Chae Jung-an.

The love story, “Pure Comics”순정만화) directed by Ryu Jang-ha, will be released on November 27th 2008.

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~ by gorgeous18 on November 12, 2008.

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