[INFO] MEGATV Super Concert LIVE

Yay!! SJ-H and DBSK will perform here…Can’t wait 🙂



but you can only click on it come November 16, 2008!

through nov. 10-13, there will be a voting session on the same website (link up there). (im not sure what the voting is for)

Here is Korean ELF’s message:

Hi!! I am korean ELF.
Super junior – HAPPY will do to perform a concert in SANGAM WORLDCUP FIELD on 11/16.
and Voting has started at that page.
Please help SJ do to win.
ahah!! If you sign up for this site, you can vote, or you write your nick, password and message for SJ.


credit: sjmarket+baidu+fangirmitz+EverLastingFriends

PS: anyway…keep voting for SJH and DBSK if you love both of them…make them the most popular K-pop artists ^^ Hwaiting !!!


~ by gorgeous18 on November 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “[INFO] MEGATV Super Concert LIVE”

  1. how do we vote really?
    i cant understand korean at all
    i can read it but just reading it T__T

  2. @ yesung143
    yeah..me too ^^ just reading it and don’t understand T.T
    i’ll find more information. Just wait for the next info, oK ?


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