[NEWS+PHOTOS] Super Junior 3rd Anniversary Party

Haiyaa….little bit sad T.T Hangeng and Kibum didn’t come to the party…Really miss them now 😦

Heechul’s hair is so brown ^^ like it so much…makes him look younger










cr: xiaomei_06 + chocoziie + denny_liz + 16candl3s + Baidu + เด็กรางบัวรักเอสเจ@siamzone


Just got back from the Suju 3rd Anniversary Party!!! it was amazing although a bit short but i’m very satisfied… sorry no fancams cos the security was really strict. they even made the girl sitting next to me erase her cell phone pictures.

Anyway quick details:
Only 11 boys were there- no Kibummie or Hankyung sad.gifsad.gif
DBSK was the special guest
The boys sang marry you, Yesung’s song and Kyu & Hyukkie performed (i think) MC Mong’s I love you thankyou!


Ok here are as many details of the event as I can remember..sorry if it gets too lenghty)
So.. there were about 6000 fans who were allowed to attend the event and they started issuing tickets at around 1:30. My friend and I got there at around 2 and the line up was insane… it went on forever. anyway she had a 2000 number ticket so she got into her line..i had to go find my number which was a huge ordeal so I left her behind.. Finally figured out my number -4000 at around 4 pm and got into the last line. My friend was still waiting to get her ticket. Anyway, the event was surprisingly very well organized especially towards the end where they had to rush cos it was already 5 and only 1-3000 had gotten their tickets.

But those details aside.. we, the last group, finally got into the gymnasium at around 7 pm. and surprisingly had very good seats. The show started at around 7:20 with just 11 boys showing up sad.gif..Kibummie and Hankyung sent video messages but my korean is fail so I don’t know what Kibum’s reason was. Either way, the other 11 boys made the best of it! The hall was veryyy pretty covered in sapphire blue light sticks and the fans were all well behaved and friendly.

After the boys introduced themselves, they started playing a game where they had to pick post its with questions on them (regarding certain members, i think) and answer them. Teukkie was the main MC accompanied a lot by Kangin of course smile.gif so Donghae and Yesung quickly got their questions and sat back down but the others were at the board forever especially Hyukjae, who was crouching down reading for so long. And then EUNHAE abuse..keke..my life is complete…jks.. Hae kicked Hyukjae and then hit him on the back to get him to hurry up. Sadly, not a lot more EunHae though cos they sat so far apart. There was another time where Hae hit Hyuk on the back though shouting “Palli Palli”..haha


I think one of the questions was teasing Donghae about being short so he was all like…waee?? and then the fans were like that’s his charm..keke. Then all the members started talking about another person who is shorter and Kangin ran behind and then past Ryeowook. lol..then they made him stand.. aww he’s so cute.
One of the boys stuck a post it sticker on Hyuk’s back but the silly kid didn’t realize it.. Siwon was soo amused by it just like in that one fancam in DOn DOn days biggrin.gif. Hyuk kept trying to reach it once he realized but the boys continued to trick him, pretending to remove it or like Kyu who veryyyy adorably was telling him “eopso eopso” bad mangnae..haha
When it was YeSung’s turn to read the question, he kinda sang it in his heavenly voice and Heenim got pretend-jealous and sang his croaked line in “U”..lol..he’s gorgeous, unique and hilarious. He also made a play on Mirotic lyrics i think..^^

Another question i think was asking Ryeowook to show some talent/imitation so he was imitating Teukkie but no one really knew what he was doing so everyone was like.. “mwo ya??” and then Sungmin started imitating how Teukkie half runs/bows/waves…keke. But this led Kangin to talk about how when they were in Malaysia and the boys were all kinda half walking and waving/bowing to the fans and they couldn’t find Sungmin so they looked for him and there he was, walking backwards and shooting at the fans (like pointing at fans with a wink). haha soo cute! so Kangin got the fans to call out the boys’s names like DongHae oppa and he had to imitate Min. Chul, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyu all did it(they were all soooo much <3333) and then next was Hyukjae so he got up but then Kangin stopped calling out his name and ignored him.. poor monkey..haha.. and then Teukkie went up all excited and Kangin was like “Eeteuk ahjussshii”. Leader Abuse:D Finally all the fans screamed “Sungmin oppa” and he did it. ahh he really is a bundle of cuteness<3
Kangin was sooo hyper and happy.. always jumping or bouncing up and down on his chair, bullying Yesung and Hyukjae, smothering Teukkie with love and then later on kicking him biggrin.gif

Couldn’t really understand most of the questions though.. so anyway after that they brought out the cakes.. blue and white – SUPER JUNIOR and the boys all lit them together and blew out the candles.. then they were just taking chunks of the cake on the plastic knives and eating it. Kangin fed Teukkie or more like tried to smash the cake over his mouth and Teukkie put cream on Kangin’s nose. The rest of the boys were busy tasting the cakes themselves.

Heenim as usual was giving the camera charismatic looks with the knife.

Then the rest of the boys went backstage while Hyuk & Kyu performed. ahh it was amazing even though Hyukkie tripped on the rap timings a little and Kyu forgot some of the words towards the end..haha.. but they were sooo cute together.. even before during the questions round, they were whispering and laughing. At the end of the song, they walked towards each other really close and then both started laughing and turned away ..fanservice ❤

Then the rest of the boys came out again and started a new game. The computer had pictures of the 13 members and fans had to pick members and their topics would be read. Of course the first person was Teukkie.. he was being the MC and going “Heechul?” “KyuHyun?” “Sungmin?” and the fans screamed “Eeteuk, Teukkie, Park Jungsu, Chunsa”..haha..anyway his topic was FAN=E.L.F so he talked abt what they meant to him and Yesung said something too. Then everyone asked Kyu but he was spaced out so they were like.. “KYUHYUN SHHI” and he fumbled for a while and then very smilingly said, “ELF is like oxygen” biggrin.gif.. This led to Kangin and Sungmin dancing a bit to Shineee’s “like oxygen” song.

Heechul’s topic was Super SHow (Asia Tour) so the boys talked about it for a bit.

THen HanGeng picked Leader Eeteuk as his topic and Heechul was soo funny imitating Geng’s accent and speech.. Eeteuk takes care of the “mamdo-deul “like a mother etc.. and then he;s like ahhh I don’t want to do this and started singing mirotic…(i think but i could be confusing myself)
Siwon was all excited and raising his hand… I dunno what he said but everyone was rubbing their arms like he was too greasy..haha

Finally, it was Hyuk’s topic and he picked “FRIEND” (they said it in english smile.gif) and they asked him who his friend was besides SUJU so he was like E.L.F and then in the background you could hear “nuh na reul wonhae” (in Junsu’s voice). no one paid any attention but then Kangin and Teukkie were like… Hyukjae’s best friend is Junsu… DBSK Come out!!! and wahhhhh most of the DBSJ brotherhood on one stage… one of the happiest moments everrr!! Hae was the cutest..he half climbed on Yunho when he hugged him <3.

Anyway, the boys sat down after introductions etc. and were asked the same question.
Yunho said Super Junior. (claps)
not sure abt what Changmin said but I think it was ELF??!?!
JaeJoong was like CASSIOPEIA and ELF (ppl went crazy screaming)
YooChunnie (after Junsu whispered in his ear) said Yesung..hahah
and finally Junsu’s turn, he was being all evasive and the fans starting chanting Lee HyukJae and eventually he laughed and said Hyukjae..keke sooo<3
Then everyone started shouting for them to hug and they did..shyly and lovingly and then some of the boys (Hae being an active member^^) were like “popo hae popo hae”..lol.

Anyway, after a short while, the DBSK boys said their goodbyes. Junsu commented on how pretty the hall looked with the sapphire blue and Yunho said that the next time, Cassiopeia and ELF should make blue and red (like the korean flag??) together.. ❤ and at the end the boys were like…why must we get along/love each other ??(something along those lines)..cos we are SM Town/Family.

After that Yesung sang Love hurts a lot..some of the boys were like “fightingg!!!” when they were leaving the stage <3. ANyway his performance was amazing. his voice and face were soo full of emotion and just like the cd. There was a minor mishap when one of the pillars fell but he didnt even notice and kept filling the hall with his soulful voice.

Then all too soon, it was coming to an end. The boys started saying their goodbyes… but just as Heenim was abt to speak they started playing So I (or Endless Moment…cant remember clearly) and the fans all started singing and he couldn’t be heard so he was all like..forget it..i dont want to say anything. Then as Yesung was speaking, Kangin came up and was messing behind him..After that, every time it was someone’s turn, it happend. Shindong was soo cute, funny and such a little genius pretending to pull his own hair/clawing at his own face (he was seriously lost soo much weight!! you can’t even make him out amidst the other boys from afar).

Kyu was freakin adorable too… esp. his dead face with Kangin..haha dorks<3
Kangin was also trying to bend members legs by pushing them from behind (can’t explain it properly ..lol)..but anyway he did it to everyone and they all went along with it until the last– Heenim…lol..when he reached Heenim he stopped and the two just bowed to each other…keke.. after he returned though, him and Teukkie were like kicking each other and what not…
oh also..there was a moment where they were talking about couples maybe?!?! and Teukkie mentioned EunHae .. Kangin was like alll rubbing his face and shoulders seductively and saying things like he is sooo pretty… ahhaa leadersshii just sat there glowing, smiling and laughing.haha the KangTeuk fangirls screams are still ringing in my ears ..biggrin.gif

anyway, they said goodbye and there was a video of the boys since their debut which made me want to cry…they’ve come sucha long way..and just as it ended..they came out and sang Marry YOu. SO BEAUTIFUL.
after it, they said their goodbyes again.. and Yesung was like…this is really it..we are really leaving.. and they did.. sad.gif.. but I couldnt complain because it was perfect (or as perfect as it could be without all 13 present).

some random cute moments
– Heenim and Ryeowook hugging towards the end and I think heenim pinched Ryeo’s cheeks..haha
Yesung standing with his arms around KyuWook.. K.R.Y ❤
Yesung as usual poking Hae and Hae poking him back.
Siwon and Shindong hugging and whispering.
Siwon being his hanger self and putting his arm around most of the members.
Siwon abs exposure x 2 thanks to Heenim.
Yesung pinching/stroking Shindong’s cheeks.
Kangin climbing on Siwon’s back.
Yesung was asking the helpers for water and just as they passed it to him, Kangin was behind him and asked for it so he gave him the bottle but Kangin drank it and passed it on to Kyu and then took it back while Yesung was reaching for it and drank again and passed it to Ryeo… but Ryeo very sweetly passed it to Yesung from the front. lol Kangin the childish bully and Ryeo the sweet mangnae…it was cute seeing it with my own eyes.

CR: JunEunHae<3 @ Soompi.com

Here’s a little translation of a Chinese fan account ^^ (heechul biased)When it started, Heechul introduced himself and it was as if his throat was hoarse. It felt as if his throat was in a not so good state.
Then at a point, the fans were cheering very loud which made Siwon take off his jacket. And then Heechul stood up and stood behind Siwon and lifted Siwon’s shirt up which showed his abs. xD lol


When they were cutting the cake, the fans sang happy birthday to them. Heechul looked kinda absent minded and took the plastic knife and was pretending to stab Siwon with the plastic knife xD haha! Then he cut a piece of cake but didn’t eat it. And before they cut the cake, Heechul used his nose to blow out the candles -___-‘ LOLLL!

Then when they had to pick out a paper with some kind of message/question(?) on it, Yesung picked Heechul’s. He mentioned about heechul’s off key U ”Ni HIII” xD Heechul immediately ran over to him and snatched away the paper and threw it on the ground laughing. lol Then he sung his part of U off key on purpose. Heechul picked out Kangin’s. (don’t know how to translate the sentence from Chinese xD but something like how Kangin gained weight?) And after reading, he laughed very loudly xD And then Kangin said ”It’s because I had to shoot a movie, so I gained weight on purpose.” LOL.. then Heechul said something like ”it doesn’t matter how much I eat, I don’t gain any weight.”

At the questions round, the pics of each member was shown on the screen, and with the computer they had to click on the picture. Then it will show a question. Hangeng’s picture was about Leeteuk. Heechul couldn’t resist himself and imitated Hangeng again xD (HANCHUL <3) After a short while, TVXQ came on stage, and heechul and yunho were talking a lot together. ^^

When the party ended, they sang Marry U together without dancing to it~


Translated by Wing @ http://www.mygiftedwings.com/hanchul


Also, Heechul’s UFO reply to a Chinese E.L.F

Fan: I will love you all forever! how about you guys?

Heechul: A day more than you (aaawww…sweet Heenim ^^)

Yesung – 사랑 참 아프다 (Live 08.11.08 3rd anniversary party)

Yesung’s voice = heaven voice ^^ wonderful


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  1. oh thx fr the pics ! lots of yesung <3333

  2. yeah…

    u must b so happy, ne?
    since u r yesung biased…kkkkk ^^

  3. Thx so much for the pic & info
    Hee chul look so handsome love him (>_<)
    anyway can u always tell me if you have suju new info
    this is my email&ym sherly_jefri@yahoo.com
    keep in touch ok thx

  4. Heheh, I just found your blog site. Good gob with it. Uppdating everyday and wow, good job ;D

  5. oh..really jealous
    really want to go to their anniversary too…
    but too bad…i’m not korean…
    very sweet when Super Junior and DBSK got together…

    really miss my Super Junior…

    hope to see them soon at TV for their new album…

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