[PHOTOS] 08.11.05 “The Stage of Youth” Press Conference + Hangeng’s Rumor

credit: as tagged + inkon89
EverLastingFriends :
Basically it told that after the shooting, around 7pm, the two happily left the movie studio on a taxi to a restaurant in SOHO. Hangeng was a gentleman, opened the taxi door for Huang Yi to come in first. They then went to play billard when Hannie is said to seriously watching her playing & applaud her whenever she hit a good shot. The two also are said to chat with each other non-stop with laughing all the time. When Hangeng has very little experience in acting, Huang Yi is a very experienced actress, so she often helps him & vice versa, Hangeng usually asks for help from Huang. Hangeng secretly said that he’s a fanboy of Huang Yi so he was very happy to know that he will be filming together with Huang!! On the other hand, Huang Yi wrote on her blog she went to Hangeng mom’s dumpling restaurant !!
Hankyung’s rumor even be the most top 10 search topic in several korean site. Okay! Several hours ago, I’ll try to find about this topic too, but in a very short time..I got bored of this news, which we don’t know whether it is true or not….Let’s move to other topic, then…SJ’s 3rd ANNIVERSARY
cr. EverLastingFriends + soompi

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