[AUDIO + TRANS] 08.11.04 What If Junsu Marries a ’94 Born Girl?

it is about a fan who asked Junsu a question in the fansign event…

준수 : 안녕하세요~
Junsu: Hello~
팬 : 오빠,결혼상대로 94년생어때요?????
Fan: Oppa, what do you think about marrying someone born in 1994?????
준수 : 너무 어리지….
Junsu: Too young to….
팬 : 8살차이!!!!!
Fan: It is just an 8-year difference!!!!!
준수 : 어리지..않나아아???
Junsu: Oh, it is not young???
팬 : 아니에요! 8살차이밖에 안나요!!!!!
Fan: No! I cannot figure out though, the difference between the 8-year old on the outside!!!!!
준수 : 아, 근데 어머님이 나~ 큰일나 으항항~~~
Junsu: Oh, but i will be in big trouble with my mother~ hahaha~~~
팬 : 사랑하는 은솔!은솔!
Fan: Love EunSol! EunSol!

준수 : 넹?
Junsu: yes?
팬 : 사랑하는은솔.. 오빠 그리고 케냐여 영어쓴데요~ 밤바야아니래요~
Fan: Love
EunSol.. Oppa, you write/know Kenyan English because of the Kenyan language bambaya~ (b)
준수 : 아, 그래요?↗
Junsu: oh, yeah?
팬 : 네~!
Fan: yeah~!
준수 : 아니야! 밤바야!!!
Junsu: No! Bambaya!!!
팬 : (강친이끌어서급당황) 아 오빠 그리고 건강하세요!
Fan: (embarrassed) Oh, oppa, please take good care of yourself!
준수 : 네~
Junsu: yes~

TRANSLATOR’S NOTES: (since my korean is still phail =__=”)(b) i think it can also be, “Oppa, do you know/write English because in the Kenyan language there is no bambaya~” … this, i think, i need to study further XD

source: 겸디준수@

trans by: ramin@fangirlmitz
– do not add your name to the credits list –

(a) EunSol apparently… is the fan’s name XD (i ish a dork ^^;;) = thank you hannamanse for pointing that out♥



~ by gorgeous18 on November 6, 2008.

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