[NEWS+PHOTOS] MC Teukie is Back with ‘Bachelor Dates’

Mnet’s ‘Lovefighter’ and the MBC Dramanet ‘Boom Up’ followed by ‘Bachelor Dates’ are all with deep dating related topics and of which LeeTeuk has been MC. He says “I like the title ‘Professional dating MC’. Last time when I did ‘Love fighter’ I felt really bad because a lot of people broke up, but this time in ‘Bachelor Dates’ I get the role of matchmaking so I feel good about it’.

At LeeTeuk’s first recording set, he lead the non-celebrity guests, this being a very hard job, very well and the recording crew and staff complimented him a lot for his effort and good MC-ing.

He said “I really like being an MC. When I enjoy myself, I hear lots of compliments that I did well. Where-ever I go, I see more and more fans of my shows, and I think I have increased more male fans including army men. I think it’s because a lot of my programs show what men think and how men feel aswel as the women.” He could not hide his enthusiasm.

He continued “I think, even though you can’t date well yourself, most people can give advise about dating. I use a lot of information from people around me and my own dating history to help others. I think I will have to read a lot of love related books too”. He said that the best dating method is the ‘push and pull’ method.

He also said “Just because you like someone, it doesn’t mean you should go right up to them. You need a strategy. You have to show them that they are the only one for you truthfully and you have to make sure that they know that you won’t wait forever” and that “Our male guests all have the right to love. As a man myself, I will try to teach them the best dating methods and try to be a dating doctor.” he promised as an MC.

This program will be broadcasted on November 1st.

CR: mydaily+sjmarket+jjumjjumfor translations@EXM + EverLastingFriends + mnet


~ by gorgeous18 on November 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “[NEWS+PHOTOS] MC Teukie is Back with ‘Bachelor Dates’”

  1. is it on KBS world?

  2. @ tEuKiEwAwA yOnGwHoNie..

    No..It’s not on KBS world. It’s on MNet
    just do directly to Mnet website to check the latest info about this variety show.


  3. no..it’s on Mnet

  4. @ ling@gorgeous18

    ok! thank you! chongmal kamsahamnida! ^^

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