Heechul CY Update (Oct 31, Nov 2) + Donghae UFO Replies

Heechul CY Update 08.10.31

2 0 0 7  
신데렐라 2008.10.31 12:44


Minihompy Title

My heart is turning cold

Minihompy Column

If it’s fate, we’ll meet again
If it’s not fate, then it’s not
Between both, it’ll be either(-┏)

Credits: LoveChul, OnlyHeechul,ilovejr
Original Source: 신데렐라




Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.02 13:12
In the ‘澈’ folder..

좋 아 서 / *”Becoming Good Daddies” (Jo Ah Seo)  
신데렐라 2008.11.02 13:12

Presently.. Using reality as an excuse, Hee who doesn’t even put on make-up before going on broadcasts


Saturday Afternoon 5.15

It’s a family-like program^-^

Ah.. One must pronounce ‘Just like a family (가족같은) properly..

If you stress on the 2nd word**, then you’ll be in a difficult situation (-┏)

N.B *Not literal meaning
** Apparently, family in Hangeul, 가족 and thigh muscle (?) sounds similar..

Credits; OnlyHeechul, LoveChul, ilovejr
Original Source; 신데렐라


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