[TRANS] Super Junior UFO Replies 2008.10.23

ELF: (Kyuhyun) Kyu Kyu Kyu Kyu Kyu Kyu Kyu .. You Kyu
Ryeowook: I love you~~ *%*

ELF: If Ryeowook oppa doesnt reply me, I’ll go get our marriage certificate immediately
Kyuhyun: (Marry) whoever you like

ELF: Donghae-yah, have you eaten? Drank? Slept?
Angel Teuk: Donghae doesn’t smoke nor drink~ ^^

ELF: We’re ELFs from China, we’ll always protect the 13 of you! Don’t separate! Siwon will always be with SJ!
Angel Teuk: I believe you~!! China ELFs fighting~!

ELF: Oppas the weather is getting cold, please keep warm. Shindong oppa, happy birthday. Everybody fighting!
Angel Teuk: The weather is fine~! Wear more clothes, don’t catch a cold ^^

ELF: Yesung oppa, remember, no matter what ELFs will always be by your side! Come to China, we miss you! You, are the best ^^
Angel Teuk: Will be going over in November~ Wait for us~

ELF: I’m participating in a relay race tomorrow, but I’m not confident. Oppas .. Anyone to encourage me .. I’ll win first place for you …
Angel Teuk: Will get first for sure~! Fighting~

ELF: SOS … Hae … Happy birthday … Please reply when you see this message
Yesung: Hello~ The weather is fine ㅋ

ELF: Oppa, I’m eating onigiri now ㅋㅋ Should I give oppas some?! Ah~ I’ll make it for you * Ah~
Heenim C’mere~ Mouth is open, but there’s no onigiri – – (You) Deserve to be whacked

ELF: Wishing that only happy things will happen to oppas ^^ ♥
Heenim: Heh heh heh heh heh heh .. Imagine if everyday is like this ..

ELF: Are oppas practicing?? Working hard because oppas want to present us with their best, (you’re) so handsome ♥ Really ^^
Siwon: Only so that our ELFs will be happy .. Whatever it takes, as long as ELFs like it!

ELF: Really love oppas >_<
Shindong: I love you all too~

ELF: Donghae oppa ㅠ_ㅠ thank you for worrying about me ^^ ♥ I’m touched .. Oppa, sleep early too~
Donghae: What do you mean, worrying about you? That’s only normal ^^ Sleep now, it’s late ^^

ELF: For a lifetime I’ll be by your side, I do .. Loving you, I do~ (Marry U’s lyrics)
KYUHYUN: Cherishing you through the snow and rain, I do ^^

ELF: Cho Kyuhyun, I love you. I only need you. Why can’t you understand my heart T T
Kyuhyun: How can I not understand? Of course I know. Sleep early

ELF: Don’t worry, even if the world is filled with villians .. Will always protect the special 13 ..
Donghae: Because there’s ELF, we’re always filled with strength! We’ll protect ELFs too!

ELF: Any wishes .. yeah Say it out~ ㅋㅋㅋ
Ryeowook: We’ll present to everyone the most charismatic 3Jib!

ELF: DVD .. T T Ah .. T T I’m dead .. T T
Kyuhyun: Quick, pull yourself together, Experience the touching moments (during the Show) once again ㅋㅋㅋ

ELF: Giving all thirteen hearts, filled with love
Siwon: Thank you~ ^-^ I’ll treasure it greatly!

ELF: Of no use to others, I’m this kind of person T T
Sungmin: Aiya .. T T … elf are all beautiful people~

ELF: Wah~ I got a reply? ㅋㅋㅋ I can die without regrets now!
Heechul: Is that supposed to be a suicide note?

ELF: Lee Hyuk Jae … I Love You
Donghae: Ghost Hyuk is asleep ㅋㅋㅋ

ELF: Jongwoon ah T T T T T T T T Nuna is living because of you
Yesung: Me too ^^ ; its very late .. sleep early~

ELF: Super Junior is Leeteuk – Kyuhyun, 13 in all, right?
Kyuhyun: How many times was this said! Leeteuk – ELF, 14 in all

credits UFO town + onlySJ13 + yumetheny + Sna_n + rinoa-minnie


~ by gorgeous18 on November 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “[TRANS] Super Junior UFO Replies 2008.10.23”

  1. OMG..,they are so lovable..
    Kyuhyun oppa sounds frustrated with,”Suju is 14!from leeteuk to ELF.”
    Love y..
    I never see any reply from kibummie oppa and hangeng oppa,where are they??

  2. kibum oppa is too busy with his drama series T.T
    so do hangeng oppa…he also too busy with his new drama. He follow Kibum oppa’s steps now

  3. i really want to see them..


  4. ^@ gorgeour18 I LOVE YOUR AVATAR !! :3 SUPER JUNIOR ~~ *tears

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