[NEWS] MTV Korea ~ Super Junior VS SS501

* this screenshot was taken on Nov 2, 2008 at 00.13 KST

While SS501 has been concentrating on the Japanese markets and Super Junior concentrating on the Chinese markets, both idol group Super Junior and SS501 has been going back in and out of Korea throughout this year. With the heated up competition with the remaining idol groups in Korea this year, surely, these two top, powerful, idol groups cannot be left out. SS501 and Super Junior will soon be making a comeback. (Super Junior will be doing so next year—MTV noted it as January and SS501 sometime the end of this year)

But between these two groups, who do you think will have an incredible comeback?


MTV Korea (the website) is currently having a poll for this?  You have to have an account, so dont ask me how to vote

Korean ELF was very angry at first because SJ had only about 31% and SS501 had about 60% of the votes. Haha, that made really surprise but just the news didnt get to ELF yet…now, SJ has more XD

credit: mtv+SJMARKET+EverLastingFriends+gorgeous18(screencap)


~ by gorgeous18 on November 1, 2008.

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