ZhouMi UFO Post

Zhoumi post this in his ufo:

[08.10.27] To everybody i’m sorry to say that 10.26 Beijing activity is cancelled
I wan’t to tell it to everyone so they won’t bother to come anymore, pls. help me in spreading this news.
I heard today that the activity is cancelled it’s really disappointing. I want to say sorry especially to the fans.
It’s really unfair to everybody.At around 3 pm we’re already preparing for the said activity. We’re really anxious
when we hear the news because we know that many fans are from far away place. Many people are already
waiting in Beijing at around 7 pm. Some walk away disappointed after hearing the news some even cry.
For everybody’s security the police has cancelled this activity.. We really didn’t want this to happen we’re really sorry.
Each time our fans show how much they love & support us. We really want our fans to feel our heartful gratitude to them.
We have seen the result’s today. SJM is currently leading at no. 1. Although we lost the oppurtunity to thank everyone to
our supposedly meeting. We promise that our next conference is more splendid! In behalf of SJM we want to
say sorry to everyone. & finally thanks for the fans who come at the said conference. Thanks everyone!
Thanks for those who come & visit my ufo. Hoped that you can help me send this apology to everyone.
I don’t have a blog so i have to issue you this way. I can only send 40 characters at a time so it’s not really
convenient. Again, our sincere apology!

cr: superjuniormifensi + EverLastingFriends
translated by: hanbyul@superjuni-or13.com


~ by gorgeous18 on October 29, 2008.

One Response to “ZhouMi UFO Post”

  1. The Mystery Wranglers become suspicious of all pilots, suspecting them to be aliens, so they set out to interview them all – one by one.

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