Teukie,Yesung,Hangeng,Shindong Cyworld Update

HanGeng has change his chinese CY layout
Yesung also change his layout…He’s in good mood today ^^
he also posted 2 photo entries
one is a gif on the Y.S Move..
작년 동물농장 ..
last year the Animal Farm ..

따봉이 화장터에서 …
at Ddabong’s crematorium …

a present from yesung to arksky.

and this one on the Super J.. folder

2집 리팩앨범자켓촬영장
2nd Repackage Jacket Photoshooting place

강낑과 ~
with Kangkking~

Shindong photo entries

Teukie oppa posted a photo entry on the ..Jung soo.. folder

credits: mypopcorngurl @ soompi + wassereis

~ by gorgeous18 on October 25, 2008.

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