ChinChin Radio With DBSK (Oct 1, 2008)

Aaahhhh….DBSK appear on ChinChin Radio now…
No time to update this blog. We need to hurry!!!
The advertisement is so short….

today no one wear mask, but Jaejoong still have a bad flu and cough…
Get well soon, oppa!!! 

When DBSK’s MIROTIC was played, they were busy with the dance especially Changmin ^^
Yunho oppa look at the camera and do a cute pose at the beginning of the radio show….Arrgggghhhh!!!!!!! *melt melt melt*

Jaejoong oppa also singing! His voice…get better day by day
Even though he sick or not…

Kangin also like to make funny jokes. ^^ As always!!!

But, DBSK finished their radio appearance in a short time T___T
Before, DBSK left, Yunho hug Kangin ^^ like what he did with Teukie on Sukira.
Kangin and Taeyoon also did funny “KungFu”. Hahahaha………


~ by gorgeous18 on October 1, 2008.

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