Staff Diary From TVXQ Iple

 It is really comforting to know that they are regularly updating the iple website ^_^



Hello, this is T.

Monday, September 29, 2008!

The new week began.

Today’s weather is a bit rough.

Please watch out for your health.

In particular, please do not catch a cold

Yesterday, Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008

The first stage on SBS Inkigayo was held…

‘MIROTIC’, ‘Love in the ice’, ‘Hey’, too.(t/n: was performed )

Even during the pre-recording, thank you for all your cheers.

Also, not everyone can come to watch but

you can watch the live broadcasts of Dong Bang Shin Ki

I really appreciate everyone’s efforts to get together and make it.

Now, you can see a picture of the atmosphere yesterday?

This was during the Love In The Ice stage of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

In addition, while on the air (t/n: while recording)

I’ll put a picture of the look of Dong Bang Shin Ki member’s faces…

We’ll continue to work for TVXQ’s 4th album

You give a lot of love and attention please.

And today Dong Bang Shin Ki will be on the radio

KBS-R Leeteuk and Eunhyuk of Kiss the Radio season 2 will be with everyone on the radio

Please do not forget to get together! ^ _ ^

O____O so, now we know that T announced the appearance of DBSK in SUKIRA *bricked*

source: tvxq iple website (best viewed using IE)
credit: + fangirlmitz
trans by:


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