Message from Yunho + Staff Diary

The TVXQ iple website is really getting better everyday~ we get a message from Yunho at 12AM in the morning! O_O Yunnie-ah, we better sleep ne? ^__^ Still have lots of work to do for today!

Even staff-san is awake!


Good morning! This is Uknow YunhoLeading the opening of the board



Do you know that everytime we meet you, we get nervous and excited, and do you know that we pour a lot of effort and work in to show the best of us?Since we’ve made you wait for so long, whenever we meet you, I want to show the b



We’ll all meet later!!!



[staffmessage.png]Of course, you can read the writing from leader Uknow, isn’t it?

After recording the members to say,

Uknow will be the first on the bulletin board because we have promised to care … ^ _ ^












Xiah / U-Know / MAXMicky / HERODo you have all 4-MIROTIC Dong Bang Shin Ki order?

For the first, all carefully, please!

The pictures on the jacket, the words, I’m watching all!

Oh …. B Ver.’s DVD in the video, make sure you get a copy!

(this paragraph trans doesn’t make any sense to me ~_~)

And you saw the KBS interview broadcast Yeonyega right? ^ _ ^

I took a picture, do you want me to disclose that?




 Hard to answer a reporter’s question, step by step,Members of Dong Bang Shin Ki listening to each other’s stories.Today, I’ll finish it.

Through the rest of the story of this place

Let me tell step by step.

Come on SBS is popular today

(I think he was talking about SBS Chocolate?)

20 hours of broadcast time is at 4 pm because,

Not with the people at the scene …

Please keep cheering for Dong Bang Shin Ki!

Trans by Google Translator..= lots of errors xD Will edit soon as proper trans come out!~

Source : TVXQ! Official Korean Website



Now, let’s see … the story of Sept. 27?


Topics of the day, you’d make a warm story begins.

I’d make from the Internet already,

The story of the lines you have to buy Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th album

I’ve read all together. I sincerely thank you once again.

Dong Bang Shin Ki Members of this picture

I’m introducing you the album.

In the face talking about photos TVXQ to the sound of the message, do you?




Hello, this is T.Have you read this article by now already From.TVXQ! Bulletin


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