Yunho Saving A Girl ??


Spot Yunho wearing the cutest shoes on earth, talking to the phone, listening to music, getting mobbed by fangirls following him crossing the street, and saving a girl from getting hit by a raging car. *sighs* xD

All in a day’s work of a superherostar~

As photojjunkie said, “He’s listening to music, talking on the phone, getting mobbed by girls and he still manages to save a life. He srsly must be superman or something.

Credit: and portiaisabel@soompi + thelast_melody + fangirlmitz


~ by gorgeous18 on September 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Yunho Saving A Girl ??”

  1. Argghh!!
    我 也 要 啊!!!
    Xo Yunhoo Oppa~!!
    你 的 鞋子 好 可爱 哦!! XD

    ~Mey* ^^

  2. i don’t see the car anywhere!

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