Midnight UFO Chat With Yoochun

2008-09-20 Korea Time 4 AM

(4:08 AM) Fan: I fell asleep while studying, but surprisingly I dreamed of Oppas! Oppas were right next to me, and I was so nervous I couldn’t speak right! T___T

(4:12 AM) Yoochun: Fell asleep while studying? How did you fall asleep so easily? ^^ I’ll leave you this message now. Study hard!

(4:14 AM) Fan: Yes, just for a while. ;;; I fell asleep while studying history (it’s like..society study, so I’m guessing it’s history?).

(4:16 AM) Yoochun: Hahaha ^^. Okay, I believe you! ^^

(4:18 AM) Fan: Because of oppas whenever I wake up I’m always crying! Cassiopeias all feel like this after they receive oppas replies! I like oppa the best!

(4:20 AM) Yoochun: Like me best?

(4:22 AM) Fan: When I was still in elementary school, I especially liked oppa, and eventually I became a Cassiopeia. Ah~ I’m so nervous right now!

(4:24 AM) Yoochun: ^^ Don’t be nervous~

(4:27 AM) Fan: Is this…really oppa? My tears won’t stop..This is my first time receiving a reply. And I received a reply from the person I wanted the most! Ahh…

(4:37 AM) Fan: How come you aren’t replying…It’s a shame, but no matter what, I will wait for the day you guys come back! I will support you guys as best as I can! ❤ I love you guys!

(4:39 AM) Yoochun: Okay okay! Goodnight! ^^

(4:42 AM) Fan: Thank you so much for today! T___T I don’t know when I’ll send you a UFO message again…If oppa is tired, you should sleep too!

(4:45 AM) Yoochun: Why are you thanking me? I should be thanking you! ^^

Translated by jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums
Sour e : Mr. TVXQ + OhMicky
CR : mirotic @ blogspot


~ by gorgeous18 on September 23, 2008.

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