DBSK’s Picts @ SMTown Live in Shanghai


Xiah Junsu is so cute here…His innocent face! (Kyaaaaaa……..)

“Mushroom” Yoochun — I think his old hairstyle is better T.T

OMG !!! My lovely Yunho oppa’s body…He’s really hot !!

Love you so much, oppa…

YunJae : Handsome (as always)

Cute HoMin~

                                                                                                JUNSU DANCE BATTLE FANCAM


Aaahhhhh !!! U-Know oppa always looks so hot in any costumes and performances

Cute MinHo >.< (Top)

Mr. Killer Smile (Bottom)

I’m so dead !! So nervous while looking at Yunho’s picts

I can’t move my right hand to scroll down this page (OMG!!)

Energic Changmin & Emo Yoochun ??


Speechless ~

Jae and Yoochun look like they want to eat leader-sshi

Damn hot!! Can’t take my eyes from TVXQ! (Haha…)

Jae’s new tattoo….

Pretty boy Jaejoong

Nooo !!! I’m so jealous!! T_________T


No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you, boy!!!

It’s true….PART 5  

Yaikss !! Who is that lucky girl ???

Cute Minnie & Cool Yunho =)

Jae the overlord ♥

Poor Jaejoong …
Sexy Yunho (again)

Well, this is my fave photos of Jaejoong

Calm Changmin….(^^)

OMG!!! What are they doin’ ??? ~.~’


Credits: as tagged + baidu + fangirlmitz (thank you so much)


~ by gorgeous18 on September 16, 2008.

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  1. Wow.
    Thank You!

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