Super Junior : English Name


Kangin = Jordan Kim

Heechul = Casey Kim

Siwon = Andrew Choi

Hankyung = Joshua Tan

Eeteuk = Dennis Park

Sindong = Mathew Shin

Kyuhyun = Marcus Cho

Yesung = Jerome Kim

Ryeowook = Nathan Kim

Sungmin = Vincent Lee

Kibum = Bryan Trevor Kim

Donghae = Aiden Lee

Eunhyuk  = Spencer Lee

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~ by gorgeous18 on September 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “Super Junior : English Name”

  1. where did you got this?
    they sound fake..

  2. I don’t think so…
    I think this is true, because @ beginning episode of Full House,
    Donghae introduce himself as Aiden Lee to Anna & Eva…

  3. is that true?
    well then geng’s name should be joshua han..
    why did he use tan as last name?

  4. my angel is dennis hihi.. referring to dennis oh [dennis joseph oneil].
    they could be twins at name! hihihi ^^

  5. Hannie’s name is so adorable Mikaeli tan sounds awesome

  6. at first it sounded fake, but Dong hae used that name when he introduced himself to the full house princesses. and on the same show Eun Hyuk and Hee Chul call Si Won through his english name which is Andrew. Ha Ha Ha.. it’s soo cool..

    Andrew Choi Si Won loVe you!!! ^__^

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