Jaejoong UFO Replies (09.09.08)

Fan: Yunho oppa I miss you a lot! Gain some weight! You’re too skinny, looking at you makes me hurt. Remember to come to China often! I want to see you again!
Jaejoong: I want to go to China…(I hope they  go to China often for the next 3-5 years…I will be stay in China that time ^^)
Fan: I’m working hard to learn Korean and Japanese, so I can really sing all of oppas’ songs! Oppas fighting! (Yeah, now I learn Hangul..but it is quite hard for me T________T)
Jaejoong: You look really nice when you’re working hard ^^
Fan: September 24th is my 20th birthday, oppas must celebrate for me! This is my wish~
Jaejoong: Happy birthday~ ^^
Fan: Jaejoong oppa…I’ll come over~ And then oppa can cook for me, okay? Isn’t oppas cooking really good? o(n_n)o
Jaejoong: I really want to cook for you~

Translations: omE! @ Shinki! Forums (http://iscreamshinki.net)
Source: UFOTOWN Baidu
Shared by jae!fany@soompi

Cedit :fangirlmitz.blogspot.com

~ by gorgeous18 on September 11, 2008.

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