Super Junior 3rd Album (2009)

After releasing the U/Twins album on July 9th in Japan, the album ranked 4th on the Daily Oricon Chart and then ranked 8th on the Weekly Oricon Chart, becoming the first Korean album to make into the top 10 on the Weekly Charts. Also, the boys’ Super Show album and SuJu-H’s album, Cooking? Cooking! made it to #1 on Taiwan’s G-music chart. On the combo chart, they were ranked #2 and #4, making them the first Korean boy band to ever reach the #2 spot.

The boys have successfully ended their sold out fan meet and concert in Japan and Thailand on the 8th and 12th, respectively. On August 2nd, they will be attending the 2008 MTV Asia Awards in Malaysia and so far, only SuJu has been confirmed as the only performer from Asia.

Siwon recently revealed that the group will make a comeback in 2009 with a new album (They prepare the MVs and songs from now). It is unknown whether Henry and Zhoumi or any other unknown members will be in the album. And since it 2009 is within a few months, don’t be too excited yet, because who knows what SM has planned, but I’m sure ELF has started preparing for another war!

credit: ShenYuePop!

I really hope those 2 members (Henry Zhoumi) or maybe other members do not involve in Super Junior newest album. Super Junior only 13 forever….


~ by gorgeous18 on September 10, 2008.

31 Responses to “Super Junior 3rd Album (2009)”

  1. yay!! please come to indonesia, SUJU!! huhu

  2. What kinda style that the boys will give to their fans?OMG,it must be SPECTACULAR!I can’t imagine if cutie ryeowook(or all of members,err..siwonnie or kibummie oppa,i think it’s ok,but..) oppa will do what yunho oppa did on mirotic cover album..^^

    whatever,you guys rock SJ!

  3. cant wait to see suju newest album … suju fighting .. elf support u

  4. OMG,its such a wnderful things tat Suju will cming back next,juz count d day come.Oppa fighting!!

  5. come to Indonesia SUJU, please…. There’s many your fans here…. Until 10.000 people….. please…. 10.000 with people who never join in the forum….

    I wait for you…..
    until the end…..
    oppa I just can say saranghae in my room….
    u never wanna know about EverLastingFriends in Indonesia….
    how difficult we got your album, your poster, your lightstick…
    oppa come to indonesia please….
    meet n greet indonesian E.L.F…..

    I just can say SARANGHAE with many tears in my eyes….

  6. Yes Oppa, please come to Indonesia, we love you so muchos

  7. I don’t Want Another War!!! Hopefully there will be no unkwon member…The Henry feat in Super Junior Don’t Don waz scary enough. I can’t wait until Suju oppaseul come backs w/ 3rd album. I heard their concept is gonna be like “U” image

  8. yes please,
    come to Indonesia please..

    we have difficulties to have anything with SUJU here..

    hope there will be concert of 3rd album here this year..


  9. it’s coming on march right?can’t wait!!!

  10. Waiting for their album <3<3<3
    only 13, forever 13!!

  11. Super Junior
    E.L.F. will always support you and we will never hurt you. We will give you your space. We love you so much and that is why we need to support you, protect you and never hurt you and most importantly for us to do is to understand you. Talk to the people that you work with. Some places need more saving. I may not know whats going on with the Super Junior, but let us help you I will always buy your Albums thats the only thing I can support you right now. EverLasting Friends take care of the Super Junior, understand them, support them, protect them not in a selfish way EverLasting Friends, but in a group show the true meaning on what EverLasting Friends is. We love you Super Junior, every single one of you. I can’t wait for your new album coming up and I hope and pray you will make more and I will be part of your activities, like concerts and stuff. EverLasting Friends take care the Super Junior all 13 of them. I am in Kailua, Oahu. Don’t hurt them, but understand them, protect them and give them support. I am a EverLasting Friend in Kailua, Oahu. Take Care Super Junior.


  12. no, I hope those two will be in the album

  13. everybody here want super junior to go to indonesia right? well,, i hope so..
    but i think is abit difficult to make that dream come true.. cause sure they will spend so much money to have a concert in indonesia..
    still wish there’s a miracle.. cause i want to see teukii oppa from close!!! ^^
    keep fighting suju oppa!!

  14. Yeah.. SUJU oppa.. please go to Indonesia…
    There are so many fans wait you here..
    It’s also difficult to find your album here..T.T
    I heard Kangin ever go to Indonesia once..
    So, come here..
    Indonesia always opened for you guys..


  15. That’s right, so many ELF here.. So SuJu, please come to Indonesia.. Can’t wait for the 3rd album..^^ Hopefully you’ll be show in Indonesia.. Please, SuJu.. Coz we are ELF Indonesia, love U so much.. Now and 4eVer.. Success 4 you all and the 3rd album..~

  16. Come to Minnesota, the land of over 10 thousand lakes! Many fans along with me are waiting and hoping that Super junior will come ans have a concert in Minnesota. Pleas and thak you from Ilyoung

  17. Kyun Hyun’s Birthday is coming sonn~~~~~~ happy Birhtday Kyun Hyun sshi!!!! ❤

  18. come to Philippines.., I BEG YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. i hope they’ll come to indonesia too..
    luv them soo much!!


  21. hi!
    thanks for sharing friend.
    i love both of suju and dbsk.
    but when will they visit Indonesia?

  22. Is it here yet? I’ve been waiting. Love Super Junior! I live in the US.

  23. I can’t wait until it comes out! Sa da hae Super junior

  24. Yuup
    oppa~ please come to indonesia,
    letz rock diz country, ,

    hwaiting preparing ur 3th album oppa,
    keep healthy,
    do ur bezt for ELF who always supporting u no matter what!
    suju iz 14 ne?
    13 awesome guy + ELF

    __elf indonesia always waiting for u <3__

  25. 3rd album um? ?

    Hihi__ i’ll wait it ! xD

    luph u mai beloveD sUjU! !

    4evA! ^o^v

    i wiSh_theY’LL viSit heRe . . .

    YEsung oPpA. . .euNHYuk oPpA. . .would u mArRy mE? hihi~

  26. dude, SuperJuniorELF,,,, seriously,,,,, thats too much

  27. HWAA… HWAA…

  28. Ah…Indonesian ELF, Petals, and Undead are now waiting for SUJU to come!
    The Sorry, sorry single is out, and The MV has been shot, and guys!
    Let’s ROCK!!!

  29. please come to MALAYSIAN!!
    people at MALAYSIAN waiting you super junior!!!
    please come…
    when you all come to MALAYSIAN i promise i do suprise to you all
    I PROMISE!!!!!

  30. Huaa.. Yeah. Come to indonesia please 🙂

  31. orh..super junior,pls come to malaysia.your new album songs are great.always support SUPER JUNIOR.fighting.

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