SJ’s Leeteuk Dating Kara’s Member ??

Is it true that Leeteuk dating (or inlove) with Kara’s youngest and newest member ??? Some said that lucky girl is Gu Hara (born in 1991), but the other said that it is Kang Ji Young (born in 1994). Is my Teukie oppa really dating her ??? As I read somewhere, ppl said that Leeteuk’s cyworld and his moods are like so in love. He smiles more now….And in Sukira, every time Kara’s songs were played, he was so happy…That girl is cute but she is 9 years younger than Leeteuk. What the hell….T.T’
I don’t know for sure about this news…

See Gu Hara’s picture here…


~ by gorgeous18 on September 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “SJ’s Leeteuk Dating Kara’s Member ??”

  1. Not true

  2. WoW!! It’s good then….^^

  3. where did u hear they were dating?

  4. some fanclub which i joined @ fs

  5. gorgeus ini orang indonesia kan y??
    gw kasi komen bahasa indonesia aja y…
    kalo mnrt pendapat gw si, gak bener isu ini…
    walaupun gw tau si di cyworld kelihatan lg jatuh cinta…
    tp eeteuk mah emang gt…
    kmrn aja pas di Star Golden Bell dan MBC Every1 Idol Show, eeteuk kelihatan suka sama Sunye WonderGirls…

  6. Yeap. ‘Kami’ org indo. ^^
    Salam kenal. Hehe..

    Hmm..Ya kita juga berharap bgitu.
    Lagian rentan umurnya juga terlalu jauh. –‘

  7. lol..honey… *hugs you* …
    My bf is 11 years older than me.. & FYI his 1983 & I’m 1994 (-.- yes crazy so what? x) his responsible & caring) yeap his Teukies age… if his dating girls more than 9 years.. why not? xD I find it cute LoL…
    maybe his smiling more cause.. his happy? doesn’t mean his dating or whatever they say.. >3 is great that he smiles… =D & maybe or definitely Kara’s song makes him happy.. x) Kara’s songs makes me happy too..

  8. Oh kalian org indo? Slm ini kukira org malaysia -_-a
    Wew. Anak2 kara ms pd muda bgt ya?

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