About TVXQ!

Q:How come Junsu Xiah Has 2 Birthday’s
A: He was really born on December 15th,1986 but his parents registered him on January 1st, 1987.
Q: How come Jaejoong (Hero) didn’t participate in the Rising Sun activities.?
A: Because he injured his leg
Q: How did Jaejoong injure his leg
A: He was rehearsing the Rising Sun dance when he injured his knee. His knee cartilage was ruptured and he had to recieve surgery. So he couldn’t participate in the rising sun activities for over 6 months.
Q: How come DBSG have so many names? EX: DBSG, DBSK, TVXQ, THSK
A: Well each of them is just a shorter way to say their names in diffrent language.. like..
DBSG/DBSK is korean ( DongBangShingi)
TVXQ is their english name.. and its also what they call themselves.. ( TongVangXinQi)
THSK is their name in Japanese (ToHoShinKi)
Q. What is Cassiopeia?
Cassiopeia is a constellation made up of five stars that is shaped like a W. It is also the name of DBSK’s Official Fanclub in Korea.
Which members have piercings?:
Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong and Yunho all have ear piercings. Changmin wore clip-ons during the Always There MV.
Jaejoong have/had nipple and belly piercings. It’s been speculated that he took off his nipple piercings; but he still has his belly piercing.

Which members have tattoos?:
Yoochun’s tattoo from their 2nd Live ‘O’ concert was fake.
Micky has 2 or 3 tattoos, 1 on his ankle and 1 on his back. some mentioned that he has an angel wing on his back aswell?
Jaejoong has 1 tattoo on his back. His tattoo says ‘TVXQ SOUL’ and apparently Micky’s 1 on his back says ‘TVXQ MATE’?!
But we have not seen any clear photos of Micky’s tattoo so it’s hard to say…

Micky’s Tattoo:

Hero’s Tattoo

Is Jaejoong adopted?:

YES he is adopted. The parents he grew up with, his Gongju parents are his adoptive parents. In November of 2006 an article was published about how Jaejoong’s biological father filed a lawsuit against Jaejoong’s adoptive parents. Jaejoong’s biological father claimed Jaejoong was his biological son and that Jaejoong’s adoptive parents did not follow proper adoption procedures. Due to the media the information of Jaejoong being adopted was leaked into the public. Due do this Jaejoong was in a lot of pain and had hard times. He cried a lot after finding out that this info was revealed to the public. He also cried a lot after finding out he was adopted. After all this chaos Jaejoong’s biological mother revealed the truth on her blog. About what really happened and the truth about the lawsuit etc… Now everything is settled and Jaejoong said he wants to live as Kim Jaejoong not Han Jaejoon (Jaejoong’s birth name) as he always did. The lawsuit was withdrawed and now Jaejoong’s biological mother and his adoptive parents are in good terms and is happy now.

Did Jaejoong get caught for DUI (Driving under the Influence)?:

YES he got caught for DUI (Driving under the Influence) on April 7th. After having a drink with his friends at 1:20 a.m in Seoul Samsungdong, he was caught for DUI while driving his friend’s father’s BMV. He was on his way home when he got caught by a police officer who was stationed at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel. The level of the alcohol was 0.071% and YoungWoong Jaejoong was brought in for violation of The Road Traffic Law. His license was taken away for 100 days. Due to this incident Jaejoong wasn’t able to participate in DBSK activities in Korea and Japan for a while. Due to this only 4 members did activities until Jaejoong made his comeback. Jaejoong apologized for his DUI at the BBQ concert on April 9th. Jaejoong made his comeback after resting for a while and in no time people forgot about this incident.

The Rumors

Info Credits: Mabe, Uruchai & Sanbi@Soompi

Lee Soo Man abuses/abused the guys – They once said Changmin got hit by LSM because Changmin refused 2 do a kissing/bed scene for a drama called ‘Snow flower’.

The Truth/What We Know:
About Changmin, we all know that he didn’t take on that role due to their tight schedules; and the main character was given to Kim KiBum (Suju)! So Changmin didn’t even shoot a scene for this drama! So that rumour is false.
Also DBSK has always said that they look up to LSM and that he is like a father to them.
People stereotype LSM and SM entertainment too much. Believe what you want to believe but don’t spread more rumors about this unless we know the truth… As far as we’re all concerned, LSM/SM is innocent until proven guilty.

Changmin is the least popular among the others– During a fansign event, there was hardly any1 queuing up for Changmin. Some fans felt sorry for him so they went to meet him instead of their fave members.

The Truth/What We Know:
Apparently this was a fan who experienced this and she was the one who felt sorry for him so she went to meet him instead. so i guess this is true. But this was back in their debut days.
We discussed this in the thread countless of times before and most of you believe that they are all equally popular as each other nowadays.

Changmin is the least popular among the others – There was even another rumour indicating how one fan of Yoochun was forced to transfer to Changmin’s line. The fan cried and even said she didn’t want Changmin’s signature, which Changmin heard apparently.

The Truth/What We Know:
Once again, there really is no basis whether this happened or not. It seems a fan put this on her blog. But, we all have to be careful of what we read. Also, this rumour surfaced back in their debut days.

DBSK smokes– All members of DBSK smokes!

The Truth/What We Know:
Junsu and Changmin do not smoke. We know Yunho, Jaejoong and Micky smokes/smoked. There are some accounts indicating both Yunho and Jaejoong have quit smoking; and that only Yoochun is the only one who smokes still. There are also some accounts saying Jaejoong still smokes. SM apparently told Yoochun to stop smoking since it affects his voice. In Jaejoong’s case, it seems it doesn’t affect his voice at all.

Once again, there are no news article/proofs that indicate whether these information are true.

Smoking is bad for your health; but the boys can do what they want. It doesn’t matter if they smoke or not. They are still the same! Smoking is not a testament to a person’s character anyway.

Jaejoong’s Surgery – Jaejoong has had eye/nose surgery.

The Truth/What We Know:
Jaejoong has denied this rumour before and said that he didn’t have double eyelids until when he was older. He also said that if he did/will have surgery he wouldl tell their fans.
Others still don’t believe this after comparing his debut days photos to his recent photos.. Some say its obvious he had surgery; others say that he just looks tired and said make up does wonders… Again believe what you want to believe.

JaeHo/Couplings – There’s more than brotherly love between Jaejoong and Yunho!? Photos of them kissing!

The Truth/What We Know:
There are quite a lot of photos floating on the internet of ‘JaeHo’ kissing but most of them are Cosplay or photoshopped!! We all know that they both have had girlfriends in the past.
Some fans would like to see them as real couples whereas other just think JaeHo and the other members’ couples are cute and don’t think anything more of it!

JaeSu Rivals – Jaejoong and Junsu don’t get on and they are rivals

The Truth/What We Know:
Don’t believe this! People always compare these two members because they consider them as the best singers in the group! They might not show the public they’re closest friends; but this does not mean they don’t get along! Also Jaejoong have praised Junsu’s singing plenty of times. In the Starwatch 24 interview, Jaejoong even mentioned he asks Junsu to teach him how to “express the lyrics/words of the song more”. In fact, this issue/rumour might be only circulating among fans; and the boys may not be aware there exists a rivalry. Once again, we cannot be certain.

Jaejoong is half filipino

The Truth/What We Know:
I don’t know where people get this idea. Jaejoong is NOT half filipino. He is FULL Korean. As you know Jaejoong is adopted and his biological parents are both FULL Korean. Jaejoong doesn’t even speak Filipino language and has only been to the Philippines once for a CF filming with the other DBSK members. In conclusion Jaejoong is FULL Korean!

We can not say whether these are true or not, as fans we can’t say we know everything about the guys. Rumors are rumors. We shouldn’t believe everything we hear or read. Also, it is alright to talk about these topics. However, important information, updates and links about the boys get lost at times because of repetitive posts.

Credits: Soompi


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  1. did max do his nose in the recent MV mirotic? no offense but his nose looks nicer now

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