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[NEWS] DBSK on Fuse TV

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Asia Song Festival – Seoul, Korea

Posted on December 1, 2008 at 07:15 PM

Ok, so does anyone remember the “boy band” days? Nsync, Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, or any other group with three or more members, singing and busting out choreographed dance moves? Well, in the United States, the “boy band” era, for the most part, has faded away. But in Korea–it is as strong as ever! I couldn’t BELIEVE how HYSTERICAL people were for Korean Pop (a.k.a “K-Pop”). I spent a whole day surrounded by thousands of screaming teenage girls. I loved how excited they were to see their favorite K-Pop singers, but I think I lost most of my hearing by the end of the day. Lol. Just kiddin.

The thing that surprised me the most about some of the “adoring”, “sweet”, and “innocent” teenage girls was the things they SAID they would do to their pop star if they could get the chance! Lol. I was thinking “Girl! You are like, 15! How do YOU know what THAT is–or how to do that — where the HECK is your mother!” Lol. I guess I underestimated the Korean youth.

While at the festival, I learned about all kinds of FAMOUS K-Pop bands like: Girls Generations, Shinee and a whole bunch more! But, the ONE band that I heard about every single second of the day was TVXQ, also known as: DONG BANG SHIN KI. They have a fan club of more than 800 thousand in Korea ALONE –that’s not including the rest of the world!

When I told some K-Pop fans that I hung-out with TVXQ, I was immediately rushed and touched as though ‘I’ were them! I guess I didn’t realize how FAMOUS they were at the time. Lol.

Well, if you’re looking for a festival you can go to for great dancing, great singing, and lots of excitement…then I HIGHLY recommend the ASIA SONG FESTIVAL!

p.s. When I returned to the United States, I came across tons of blogs asking about a particular picture with TVXQ and myself (click on link for picture).

People were asking why TVXQ was looking so mad or confused. It was neither. During the time of this picture, I was talking to my producer regarding my position in reference to the camera. Since TVXQ didn’t speak English, they were just waiting for the translator (not in frame) to tell them what we were talking about. 🙂

I had a GREAT time hanging out with them. They are all COOL dudes! We were laughing and joking around with each other almost the whole time. I hope I answered some of the questions that were asked. If I missed any… hit me up on my blog, and we’ll talk!


[VIDEO] DBSK’s Rising Sun Copied by Vietnamese Band (535)

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I was like WTFH!!!! Why they must copied this great song??? Did they get SM’s permission ?? OMG!!! It’s really bad T.T They even put Changmin’s screaming voice in it *sigh*

According to guopincao (YT uploader) :

OKIE, i read an article about the talk between the reporter and tri phong…
basically, he said that dbsk is their idol and they want to challenge themselves if they could do this famous song that is well-known all over asia and other countries also…he said that rite now he haven’t bought the copyright for this song yet but he wanted to.
*but through wat he said, i don’t think his answers are trustable. he kept on repeating that he’s also a dbsk fan and stuff…and he didn’t buy copy right for it and use it already. If he is truly a fan, he should respect them and buy the copyright before they do this….
i’m not very happy with his answers and i think that he’s not being very honest about it…but i’m asking u guys if u still want this video up here or not. majority will win of course, and i will ask the others who uploaded this video to put it off as well if u guys are willing to let it go…(i’m not very happy with it though) but yea….

[PHOTOS] NHK Music Japan + A-Nation 2008

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DBSK has many activities in Japan recently…..and here are some of their activities

NHK Music Japan



A-Nation 2008

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[PHOTOS] ChinChin Update

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OMG!!! Kangin oppa is really like a huge teddy bear ^^

lol…Taeyoon…What are you doing ??? kkkk ^^


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[PICTURES] Lotte Duty Free Monthly Calender ~ December

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[NEWS] Heechul Talk About Super Junior 3rd Album

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Directly from Heechul’s mouth! SuJu album will be released in March or April… May, June or July 🙂 Heechul was a guest all week on Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night radio program for their Textbook Quiz Cinema segment and when asked about when SuJu’s 3rd album will be released, he stated this. He said it is supposed to come out March or April, but you never know with album releases always being pushed back so to be on the safe side, he was giving until July so that folks won’t be able to say he gave them false information 🙂


It’s really confusing!!! Gaaahhhh…I hope it will release ASAP !!!